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Post by John »

All the commands have finally been moved out of the Commands article into their own individual categorized pages. Every single one! This process has taken me ages! But a little here and a little there I've FINALLY completed the "Commands"... "Internal Functions" and "Statements" still remain in an only partially completed state.

I figured that some of you whom attended the brwiki round table in 2008 would be happy to hear this.

your brwiki trooper,
John Bowman

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Post by gordon »

Thanks so much John.
We all owe you a debt of gratitude.
Susan Smith
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Post by Susan Smith »

I just got home after a week in Oregon visiting my parents, but I didn't want another moment to go by without adding my thanks to John for the wonderful job he has been doing, and is STILL doing on the Wiki. I use it all the time now and appreciate it more than I can say.

Thank you John

-- Susan
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