Assertion Failed

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Assertion Failed


Assertion failures and GPFs are usually caused by a corrupt br.exe or insufficient rights to something (often C:\windows\br.ini)

  1. BR does NOT have FULL permissions, to create the necessary files.


  1. The BRServer.dat is created in the location that is pointed to in the BRConfig.sys, the BR.ini is created in the windows/system32 directory.

BR.ini used to only get created when you did a save font size position, if you don't do that it never gets created. BRServer.dat gets created every time you load BR!. In some versions of wb the previous WBServer.dat did not get deleted, and the new file never got made, and you would get the error too manyWBServer.dat found

Error Message: Assertion Failed: t.sessionID, file wbs\Startup.c

When attempting to run WB from a workstation on a network where the user had all the necessary network rights to the network WB directories but did not have rights to the WinNT directory on the local workstation which is where the WB.ini file resides.