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Business Rules! 4.1 provides many new features, including support for a more modern look and feel, 2D controls, and NWP improvements, as well as many others. However, it also demands more careful syntax checking then previous versions. This means that a lot of times programs that ran fine in earlier versions of BR no longer work in later versions. To address this problem, BRC has provided the BR Developer with many OPTION statements that can be added to your BRConfig.SYS file to disable the advanced syntax checking and allow your old programs to continue to work under the latest version of BR.

Here is a list of the Option (Config) that are most useful when upgrading and what they do:

 option 14 ! allow multiple locks on same record from duplicate opens, for same file opened twice at same station 
 option 25 ! make file$(0) -> CON: 
 option 27 ! Ignore Invalid Y2K Key Data (err 4120) 
 option 29 ! Save programs as .WB files. (Default is .BR) 
 option 32 ! Suppress notification of error 6245 Which indicates an invalid or unsupported (by BR) escape sequence has been printed
           ! during Native Windows Printing. 
 option 37 ! Cause BR to return old FKey value when someone uses the right arrow to exit a field (returns FKey 104 (down arrow)
           ! instead of the new FKey 116 (right arrow)).
 option 38 ! This suppresses an error caused by specification of an N in the trailing attribute position. This Option is provided
           ! only for legacy purposes.
 option 39 ! Suppress colon right alignment for labels.
 option 41 ! Ignore GUI statements when they are encountered in non-GUI mode. 
 option 43 ! Use old style Input Select with respect to setting CURFLD to the NXTFLD value when a selection is made.
 option 44 ! Make the mouse wheel produce the same result as the arrow keys when control is returned to a program via the 
           ! E, L or X field attributes. Without this Option, the mouse wheel returns Fkey results of 124/125 (up arrow/down 
           ! arrow). With this Option it returns 102/104 during INPUT FIELDS and 105/106 during INPUT SELECT operations (normal 
           ! arrow key responses). Note: Option 44 is NOT needed to use the mouse wheel. It only pertains to Fkey results 
           ! with E, X or L. 
 option 45 ! allows the old method of extended field specification in addition to the new method. 
 option 47 ! Enable the continued use of PRINTER= in OPEN statements.
 option 50 ! Suppress theme usage for text controls. This enables the Windows classical look under XP. 
 option 55 ! BR realigns fields in accordance with its CPIsetting. If the font in use doesn't quite match the CPI and the
           ! print line contains spaces (causing BR to position each column). then diffferent rows may not line up with the
           ! rows above them. This option causes BR to specifically position each character. This slows things down a bit, but
           ! can be necessary in certain circumstances.
 option 56 ! Make SRCH return -1 when a matching index is not found.
 option 58 ! Allow ON FNKEY syntax (in addition to ON FKEY).
 option 60 ! Save in the format used by 4.18 and earlier releases.
 option 62 ! Use line draw border specification.
 option 65 ! Ignore ON ATTN statements.
 FieldBreak Min_Spaces 2 ! Automatically separate fields based on spaces
 gui off ! Disables NEW GUI Controls and Syntax.

You may not need all of these options depending on your situation, and your usage of no-longer-supported syntax. But this list should be a good starting point for people attempting to make the upgrade from BR 4.0 to BR 4.2