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Many editors are supported for BR! Source code.

The purpose of the EDITOR statement is to identify the program used by the EDIT command.

Editor "editor-program" [ REMOVE ] [NOWAIT]

While the Editor specification is normally placed within a BRCONFIG.SYS file, it can also be specified with the Config command or within a program line using the Execute statement to issue the Config command.


An Editor Statement could be typed in the command console like:

 Config Editor "C:\Program Files\NotePad++\NotePad++.exe"

Or added to BRConfig.sys like:

 Editor "C:\Program Files\NotePad++\NotePad++.exe"

Or perhaps added to BRConfig.sys, but only applicable to an individual user (Herbert) like:

@"Herbert" Editor "C:\Program Files\Mills Enterprise\MyEditBR\MyEditBR.exe"

REMOVE and NOWAIT affect the way the EDIT command uses the editor program. REMOVE causes BR to remove the source file when editing is complete.

See also

Known Third Party Editors

These editors can process .wbs/.brs Business Rules! Editable Source code.

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