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The Insert BRConfig.sys specification:

When the cursor enters a field the overtype/insert setting can be controlled by the INSERT statement. The syntax of this statement is:


INSERT Configuration Statement Parameters

INSERT ON | OFF - sets mode to Insert or Overtype
INSERT MIN_LENGTH 10 - regulates separate long and short insert settings. MIN_LENGTH denotes that INSERT should be ON if the field capacity equals or exceeds the specified numeric value.
INSERT [ON|OFF] NON_PERSISTENT - resets to specified setting upon field exit
INSERT [ON|OFF] SESSION_PERSISTENT - resets at the beginning of each BR invocation
INSERT [ON|OFF] PERSISTENT - user setting persists across BR invocations

The default mode is ON PERSISTENT.
HOWEVER the default setting is overridden by the DataHilite configuration statement.

This statement can also be set using the Config command, or from within the program using the execute statement.