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Attempted I/O conflict with Open


An I/O conflicts with corresponding open statement. Some possibilities:

  1. Read
    1. Attempt to read a file that is opened for Output.
    2. Attempt to read Rec= or Key= to a file opened sequential.
    3. Attempt to use read on a display file
  2. Open
    1. Attempt to create a new file when open is for Input only
    2. ,Use specified on a Input only open statement.
  3. Version
    1. Attempt to access version number on file that is not internal or a key file that is opened as internal
    2. Attempt to reset version number on file that is not opened OutIn
  4. Write/Rewrite/Print
    1. Attempt to ReWrite a record in file that was opened for Output
    2. Attempt to Write #0
    3. Attempt to write to a display file


Change the I/O statement so that it matches the way the file was opened. For the situations noted above:

  1. Read
    1. Read may be executed only on files opened for Input or OutIn.
    2. Read Rec= or Key= may be executed only on files opened relative.
    3. Use Input or LInput to read display files.
  2. Open
    1. If a new file is to be created, OPEN must be for Output or OutIn.
    2. Remove the ,Use from the syntax.
  3. Version
    1. Version may be executed on non-keyed files opened internal only.
    2. If version number is to be reset, file must be opened OutIn
  4. Write/Rewrite
    1. Change Output on the Open Statement to OutIn
    2. Change the invalid file handle to a valid one
    3. Change the write to a print