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Client Server connection is broken.


Receive a messagebox with a title of Error and a body stating Client-Server error 10054 receiving data.


Check the BRConfig.log (You must turn logging on). Review the "Launch Line" (Something like this).

  Security process has started with command c:\...\BRServer.exe -c:\...\WBConfig.sys, startdir c:\...\, logfile c:\...\brconfig.log, loglevel 10, stderr file NULL, socket handle 120, anonymous NULL
  There will most likely be another line after it explaining the reason for the problem.
  • See also Error 10038
    • Remember that while Port 8555 is typically used to initiate the inbound connection to BRListener, Ports 1024-65535 will be used to connect by to BRClient.
  • Mapped Network drives WILL NOT work as the BRServer session does not have mappings.
  • UNC names will work properly, but significantly affect performance.

Troubleshooting Tips

Host: Make sure the server name is correct, in particular, you may have moved to a new server or IP address

Label: This is case sensitive, and remember "Spaces" and perhaps other special characters require "" (Quotes)