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Once you have Client Server working, it is easy to setup BR in a Browser.

Point your browser at for a demonstration. Located in that directory is a file called index.html which is also on the FTP site in the BETA release browser-plugin directory. Modify this file to setup your own web page.

This HTML file demonstrates activation of BR client server in a browser. It first checks to see if the plugin is installed and if not it installs it. If needed, it updates the plugin from the site. It then initiates a connection to the server just like the BR client does. See the HTML file for further instructions, including how to confine BR to a window on the launch page if desired.

OPTION 70 is provided which will default to being ON in the Browser version. OPTION 70 will do the same thing as 54 (exit if BR enters command console mode), but it will be configurable to:

OPTION 70 OFF		! This can be set programmatically
OPTION 70 ON		! Same as OPTION 54 – the default for browsers
OPTION 70 RELAXED	! Mild security – enables some support

RELAXED mode is intended to allow some debugging but still provide some security. This means disabling commands such as COPY, DIR, etc., CONFIG commands, and preventing changes from being made to BR programs. However, the security can be defeated because all of these activities can be performed by programs or procedures. Use ON (the default) for high security.