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For disambiguation purposes, see also Break (command).

The Break config specification is used to specify the frequency with which Business Rules! checks keyboard input for Ctrl-A or function key (ON FKEY) operations.

The syntax of the BREAK spec is as follows:

The lines parameter indicates the number of program lines that should be executed before keyboard input is checked for a Ctrl-A or function key operation. Please note that lines refers to the amount of numbered program lines, not the number of statements (a single line can contain several statements). Also, note that the system breaks after the specified number of lines are executed; lines which are not executed (DIM, for example), are not included in the break count.

The start-up default for the BREAK spec is 8. Business Rules! checks the input buffer before execution of every line. Using a value greater than 8 will normally have very little impact on overall program performance and should not be used.


The following BREAK spec would cause Business Rules! to check keyboard input after execution of every program line:


The BREAK spec may also be executed within a program through use of the CONFIG command. This example would override the BRConfig.sys file's BREAK specification and cause keyboard input checking to occur after every six lines are executed: