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4.03k / 4.13k Changes - 12/27/2005

There were no features added since 4.03jx. However the following corrections were made:

There were some improvements made concerning client server performance.

4.13 Introduction - 02/15/05

Note regarding 2003 Server-

When using client-server BR with a Windows 2003 Server, users need to have the permission “Allow log on locally”. By default, Windows 2003 Server only grants this permission to administrators. This setting can be enabled using the Domain Controller Security Policy administration utility. This can be found though:

 Start -> Administrative Tools -> Domain Controller Security Policy

After starting the utility, in the tree, go to

 Security Settings -> Local Policies -> User Rights Assignment

This will bring up a list of policies in the window to the right and one of them will be:

 Allow log on locally

To add/edit users that have this permission double click on it.


Cross platform I/O is now supported. This means you can read and write data and indexes on both Intel and Risc platforms from either platform.

Files larger than 2GB are supported. The maximum file size is 4611,686,018,427,387,903 bytes. This will handle a lot of recipies.

OPTION 33 must be on to invoke this feature. It has been tested using TCP/IP only. We expect NetBui and some versions of IPX to fail above 2GB. This option will fail in Windows 95, 98 and ME.

OPTION 33 is now supported in Linux. Therefore we will be numbering Linux releases ending with the digit 3 (e.g. 4.03, 4.13).

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