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The ChainDflt BRConfig.sys specification instructs the system to look for .BRO extensions before .BR extensions in file names. It can also be used with the Config ChainDflt command or within a program line using the Execute statement.

Comments and Examples

When you specify a program name in a CHAIN statement or LOAD command without indicating an extension, Business Rules! automatically assumes the extension is .BR unless you end the program name with a period, in which case Business Rules! assumes there is no extension. For example, if you specify PROG1, Business Rules! looks for a file with the name PROG1.BR. If it finds no file with that name, the system then looks for a file with the extension .BRO (an object file). The CHAINDFLT specification tells Business Rules! to look for a file with the .BRO extension before looking for one with the .BR extension.


Start-up Default

When no period and extension are specified in a file name, BR searches first for a file by the given name and a .BR extension. If no match occurs, it searches for a file by the given name and a .BRO extension.


1.) The CONFIG command can be used during program execution to override the BRConfig.sys file's CHAINDFLT specification.