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Each program line contains one or more clauses. You can parse a line by it's clauses by use of the list command. For example the following program.

00010 def fn_one_line=25
00020 for count=1 to 100 : print 'Count=';count : next count
00030 if exists("file") then print 'the file is there.' else print 'no file.'

the command list clause would return:

00010 ``def `fn_one_line=25`
00020 `for count=1 to 100 : `print 'Count=';count : `next count
00030 `if exists("file") then `print 'the file is there.' else `print 'no file.'

The newly added ` markers show where each clause begins.

Each clause may be a statement or a command or something else.

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