Client Server Reconnect

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This Client Server Reconnect Configuration Statement can be used in versions 4.3 and higher.


The client will attempt to reconnect to the server after RECONNECT_AFTER seconds (default is 20 seconds).

RECONNECT_TIME= specifies the maximum time to be spent attempting to reconnect (default is 120 seconds) before aborting the session.

When a client is attempting to reconnect, it displays the session number it is using. The normal client login window will contain a check box that facilitates the entry of a reconnection session number. This allows reconnection from another workstation.


Sometimes client server will disconnect when executing a particularly long/slow command. In these situations, setting this command to higher values may help. Setting both values to 999 seems to work in most cases.

Caution should be used when setting this value as the workstation will appear to "Lock up" while it is waiting, and if the server actually fails, the client will wait until the time limit has been reached.