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The Color BRConfig.sys specification is available as of 4.18.

It can be used to create color attributes (shortcuts) with:

Comments and Example


The keyword color means that the label in square brackets, in this case WARNING, will signify the hex color #FFFF00. Then you can use the label in place of the actual color CODES in your programs.

Color may be used with the config command, or used with the execute statement.

"Status Colors" lists all the color statements that you have in effect.

The COLOR specification controls the use of color as specified in INPUT FIELDS, RINPUT FIELDS and PRINT FIELDS statements.


COLOR [<label>] <name or #hex>

Start-up Default

Act upon color attributes when the monitor in use at start-up is a color monitor; ignore color attributes when the start-up monitor is monochrome.


The "N" parameter directs Business Rules! to ignore color attributes in PRINT FIELDS, INPUT FIELDS and RINPUT FIELDS statements.

The "Y" parameter directs Business Rules! to act upon indicated color attributes, even if the hardware is monochrome.

Technical Considerations

1.) The CONFIG command can be used during program execution to override the BRConfig.sys file's COLOR specification.
2.) When COLOR is not included in the BRConfig.sys file, Business Rules! automatically utilizes color and monochrome attributes according to the type of monitor being utilized. With no COLOR specification in the BRConfig.sys, execution of the following program line would cause monochrome monitors to display UH (underline and highlight), whereas color monitors would show R:B (red on blue background):
10000 INPUT FIELDS "4,4,C 20,UH/R:B":X$
3.) Perhaps the most useful application of the COLOR specification is the testing of monochrome or color attributes when working on a screen of the opposite type.