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The Console BRConfig.sys specification was introduced in 4.30 and determines whether the console is displayed during calls to the VB or Delphi interface. It can also be used with the Config command or within a program line using the Execute statement.


When GUI is On

DATA_ONLY only displays the Command Console when it contains data while in run mode, and always when in command mode.

OFF is the default and turns command console off in run mode until an interrupt occurs that puts the operator at a command line, then it stays on until program processing resumes. (CONSOLE OFF is no longer dependent on the state of the VB-Mgr).

ON keeps the GUI Console and Command Consoles always on. This mode is useful for debugging.

When GUI is Off

Command Console/window #0 is always on. [DATA_ONLY] [OFF] and [ON] are ignored.


Both consoles (GUI and command) are not displayed when the VB-Mgr (or a similar program) is running. This applies to GUI ON and GUI OFF.