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The CURCOL internal function returns cursor column from the last INPUT FIELDS or RINPUT FIELDS statement.

CURROW and CURCOL return the row or column (within a window) of the first character position of the control being exited. However, if the control is a LIST or GRID then CURROW and CURCOL identify the cell that was exited relative to the control itself. (OPTION 59 provides the exact position of the mouse click.)

Comments and Examples

00100 DIM ALL$*1920
00110 INPUT FIELDS "1,1,c 1920,u": ALL$
00120 PRINT "Cursor ended on ROW"; CURROW
00130 PRINT "Cursor ended on COLUMN"; CURCOL
00140 PRINT "Cursor ended on FIELD"; CURFLD

In the sample program above, the entire screen is treated as one 1920-character input field. The operator can move the cursor to any of the 24 rows or any of the 80 columns. After the operator hits the <ENTER> key, line 120 will print the row number containing the cursor when input was ended. Also, line 130 will print the column number. Line 140 will print field 1 because there is only one large field in this example.

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