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A date picker is available.

This configuration statement controls when the date picker appears:


ALWAYS show the picker whenever the cursor is in the field until a date is selected from the picker. Leaving the field and reentering it actives the picker again. Additionally, the optional leading attribute ^DATE_PICKER will do the same thing.

INVALID (the default) presents the date picker whenever the days value of the expressed date is zero.

NEVER will make the Date Picker never appear.

Also, the Date Picker appears when the cursor is in a DATE field and the user presses Ctrl-DownArrow (Note-the same key combination will open a Combo Box ).

Additionally, when in the date picker INPUT FIELDS, the following keys are active:

  • Shift- PgUp/PgDn – Go to the previous/next month
  • Ctrl- PgUp/PgDn – Go to the previous/next year