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See also Print Fields Buttons

In a separately opened button bar at the bottom or top of the main window #0.

00430 DISPLAY BUTTONS mat X$: mat Y$

X$= "Row, Col, Caption Form Spec, Attributes, Fkey Value or hex scancode"
Y$= "Caption"

Use "P" for an attribute to protect (disable) the button.

Displays button captions and sets mouse actions. Clicking on a button returns the Fkey Value specified, and creates an Fkey interrupt. Optionally, a two digit hex scancode (e.g. X02) may be specified in place of an fkey value. This provides better consistency for KSTAT$ use. For example:

DISPLAY BUTTONS "1,1,C 10,,X02": "Page Up"

This will yield a scancode of 02 instead of a scancode of 5A00. However both X02 and 90 produce an fkey value of 90 because X02 equates to ctrl-B, which denotes PgUp. The scancodes introduced by KSTAT$ will be the same whether the button is clicked or the corresponding key is pressed. Note that you should still use the former numeric specification (e.g. "1,1,C 10,,nn") for actual function key emulation (where nn is an fkey value).