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The string ( C/V/G ) field leading attribute ^ENTER_CRLF is supported as follows.

^ENTER_CRLF causes the ENTER key to add CRLF characters to the data and to go to a new line left justified. The cursor will retrace the data when backspace or left-arrow is keyed, meaning the on-screen CRLF characters are represented by moving the cursor, instead of allowing it to rest on invisible CRLF characters.

^ENTER_LF may be specified in lieu of ^ENTER_CRLF. When that is the case, carriage returns entered are represented in the data as newline (LF) single characters.

Tabs are entered into the text. Shift-tab is ignored.

Home, End, Up-Arrow and Down-Arrow all operate relative to the current line as opposed to operating on the text box as a whole.

Depressing the Control key causes the following keys to operate in the normal string entry mode:
Enter – Returns control to the BR program
Tab – Goes to the next control
Shift-Tab – Goes to the prior control
Home – Goes to the beginning of data or the first field
End – Goes to the end of data or the last field
Left-Arrow or Up-Arrow – Goes to the prior control
Right-Arrow or Down-Arrow– Goes to the next control

CURPOS returns the position of the cursor within the data when control is returned to the program. This does not include end-of-line spaces that have not been entered, but does include invisible CRLF characters.