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On of two encryption Internal Functions in the BR language, ENCRYPT$ and DECRYPT$.

ENCRYPT$(Data$ [,Key$ [,Encryption-type$, [,Initialization-vector$]]])

Data$ - The data to be encrypted

Key$ - The secret key to be used for encryption. If not specified this value will come from an OPTION 66 statement.

Encryption-type$ - The type of encryption to be done. If not specified, a common high strength encryption type will be employed. This is described in more detail below, but is generally only useful for interfacing with other typically non-BR programs.

Initialization-vector$ - This is an arcane part of encryption standards. It exists to prevent attackers from being able to tell whether the unencrypted data has changed. This is described in more detail below, but is general only needed when interfacing with other non-BR programs.

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