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The Font config specification is supported. See also Font (Config).

FONT fontname 3DFONT=fontname

This supports two fonts simultaneously, one for background and captions and one font for input fields.

Version 3.9+ supports the command STATUS FONTS. This will report all currently installed Windows fonts that are acceptable in a FONT statement. Also fonts can be changed dynamically via the CONFIG command.

Version 4.1+ allows specific proportional or non-proportional fonts for text, labels and buttons

Multiple fonts are now supported under Windows. The default is still SYSTEMPC. Any installed non-proportional font is permitted that is named in the following BRCONFIG.SYS statement:

BRCONFIG.SYS statement


Where the options are arial: modern: slant: width+ (etc.)

The above settings are used initially and as OPEN #0 font defaults. When a child window is opened it inherits the parent windows font settings. Window #0 inherits the OPENDFLT font settings each time it is opened. When typeface or family is specified in an Open statement, boldness, style and underline revert to these defaults unless they are also specified in the Open statement.

Size specifications do not revert to default values as a result of opening a window. They must be explicitly specified in order to change them. This is to allow for users resizing their displays and retaining those settings.

Individual controls inherit the font settings of the window the same way windows inherit settings.

The default font is the user's Windows default font. Separate fonts may be invoked for Labels, Buttons, and Text (data entry fields):

OPEN #0: "Srow=5,Scol=5,Rows=25,Cols=80,FONT=Arial", Display, Outin

(specifies a base font)

OPEN #0: "Rows=30,Cols=100,FONT.LABELS=Terminal,FONT.TEXT=Arial,FONT.BUTTONS=Lucida Console", Display, Outin

Font Qualifiers

  • Decor
  • Roman
  • Script
  • Swiss
  • Modern (fixed)
This is useful in addition to the font name for systems that don't have the specified font.
  • Light
  • Bold
  • Ital
  • Slant
  • Under
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Max
Size is based entirely on font height.

Font Size Adjustment- adjusts the size of displayed text down to accomodate the horizontal space allocated for the text

Width: Determine the average caps + digits character width. Then reduce the font size until the number of characters times this average fits the BR field capacity.
Width+: Determine the average letter size considering both upper and lower case letters. Then apply the width limitation.
Width-: Make the font small enough to accommodate a string of capital W's.
NoWidth: Clear the Width adjustment setting.


OPEN #0: "Rows=30,Cols=100,FONT.LABELS=Terminal:bold:slant,FONT.TEXT=Arial,FONT.BUTTONS=Lucida Console", Display, Outin

The former FONTSIZE=99x99 parameter is only supported when GUI is OFF.