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The ForStack config specification changes the size of the For/Next stack, which keeps track of each different variable incremented in a program's For/Next loops.

Comments and Examples

The For/Next stack counts loop variables by name, regardless of how many times they are used in a program. Thus, if I is used as a loop variable (FOR I = 1 TO...) once in a program, it takes up one For/Next stack variable. But if I is used twenty times as a loop variable, it still takes up just one For/Next stack variable.


Start-up Default

FORSTACK 100 (version 4.3+)


"Integer" is a decimal number that represents the number of variables the For/Next stack should hold. This number must be greater than 4.

Technical Considerations

  1. ForStack may be specified only in BRConfig.sys; it is not valid with the config command.
  2. An error message (error code 9004) appears when a program uses more than the allotted number of For/Next variables.
  3. The flow stack memory area is taken from available user memory.
  4. The Status Stacks command shows the current stack settings.