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The Force Visibility config statement requires Business Rules! 4.16 or higher.


The new GUI mode does NOT permit bleed through the way the old console does. That is, anything written to an underlying window is not seen until the overlaying window is removed. However, a capability called FORCE VISIBILITY (described in a separate section) overcomes this limitation for programs designed for the old BR console.

Upon OPEN, this causes labels and text boxes that underlay the window being opened (including underlying portions of fields that span across child window boundaries) to be copied to the window being opened. THIS SIMULATES THE WAY THE OLD BR CONSOLE WORKS WITH SEE-THROUGH WINDOWS.

References to controls that BEGIN in the portion of the parent window that is covered by the child window are converted to corresponding addresses on the child window.

CLOSE FREE: Clears the underlying parent area and copies the child window controls to the parent window.

Note that Force Visibility has no affect on GUI controls (such as GRID and LISTVIEW). Only labels and text are processed by Force Visibility. This feature accommodates certain old BR window behaviors in existing programs. *It should not be used for new development.*