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The HelpDflt BRConfig.sys specification indicates the help topic keyword and file names that are to be referenced whenever Ctrl-Y is pressed during program processing. It also establishes the default file name for the HELP$ function.

Comments and Examples

The HELPDFLT specification takes effect only when a program is running. The indicated topic keyword and file names are accessed when the <HELP> key is pressed during RUN mode. The file name specified is also accessed when <HELP> is pressed during INPUT mode, unless the programmer has overridden the default file name in HELP$.



"Keyword" is the topic name that has been assigned to the menu or text that is to appear when Ctrl-Y is pressed.
"Filename" is the name of the help text file within which the keyword can be found.

Start-up Default

There is no default file name established for help when a program is running. The file name parameter becomes required in the HELP$ function. Pressing the <HELP> key (except during INPUT mode) will have no effect on a running program because ON HELP SYSTEM operates as ON HELP IGNORE.

Technical Considerations

The CONFIG command can be used during program execution to override the BRConfig.sys file's HELPDFLT specification.

The HELP file search now uses the following directory sequence
- Current Directory
- Base Node of First Drive Statement (where second param points)
- BR Starting Directory Note that the HELPDFLT statement refers to filename not dirname.