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The Include BRConfig.sys specification may be used to specify the name of a file that contains additional BRConfig.sys information. The syntax is as follows:

Filename is a standard BR (drive qualified) filename. If a full path is specified and the INCLUDE statement occurs before a relevant DRIVE statement, use an OS filename by preceding the full name with a colon.

An unlimited number of INCLUDE specifications may be used in the BRConfig.sys file and its related INCLUDE files. INCLUDE specifications may be nested up to 10 levels deep.

INCLUDE may be used in conjunction with the BRConfig.sys environment variable call to specify different configuration files for each user. For example, after all the common BRConfig.sys specifications, specify the following:

INCLUDE %USER%  ! include printer statements file according to USER

You can then set up different printer files for each user. Just be sure to set the variable USER to the desired filename (at the operating system level) before starting Business Rules!.

BRconfig.sys INCLUDE statements are relative to the location of the file containing the INCLUDE statement (the parent). CONFIG command INCLUDE statements are relative to the current directory at the time the command is issued.

This is not available in BR 3.9 and before.