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The Inf internal function returns the largest possible number in Business Rules! on the current system. For current DOS, Network, Unix and Linux systems, Inf is 1.000000E+307. To find the smallest number, use PRINT 1/INF.

Comments and examples

00010 print inf   ! prints the largest  number in BR
00020 print 1/inf ! prints the smallest number in BR

Inf may be used to append more characters to the end of a string

To append string2$ to string1$ means to join string2$ to the end of string1$.

To append to the end of a String you should (for maximum speed of code execution) use

X$(inf:0)="append this to end"


X$(inf:inf)="append this to the end"

Here, inf denotes infinity.

So X$(inf:inf) means "the substring of X$ starting at infinity". This is particularly useful when you don't know how long your string is and do not want to calculate its length.

see also: prepend