Keyboard mapping

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Detailed documentation on key mappings in BR can be found at: Key Mappings or on the Fkey and Scancode pages.

BR operates according to the following keyboard assignments:
1. Keys and combinations of keys generate specific responses in the form of ASCII data or actions but not both.
2. Actions are denoted by fkey values. These values may or may not be exposed to BR programs. i.e. Certain fkey values are used only for BR internal processing.
3. Actions produced by key combinations may be context and mode specific.
4. Kstat$ will return the hex equivalent of any fkey value produced followed by hex 00 or, if not an fkey, each key combination will produce specific data irrespective of mode.
5. Multiple key combinations may produce the same action, but when that occurs they also produce the same fkey program response (KSTAT$ is an exception).