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Line numbers in Business Rules! are five digit numbers which indicate the flow of the program. Each statement is assigned to a line number located at the beginning of that line.

The "line-num" parameter indicates that you must specify a line number rather than a line label, whereas the "line-ref" parameter allows for either a number or label. For most purposes, using a line label is recommended. Line numbers can be used only in programs (not in procedure files, which require line labels) and must be integers from 1 to 99999.

Every Business Rules! statement that is executed from within a program must be on a line with a line number. Line numbers may range from 00001 to 99999 (commas are not allowed). While a program may theoretically contain up to 99,999 lines, the actual limit depends on the statements used, the amount of memory available, and the release of Business Rules! being used.
It is not necessary to insert zeros before line numbers such as 10 or 4035, since Business Rules! automatically re-lists these numbers as 00010 and 04035.

During editing it is not necessary for line numbers to be in order. Business Rules! will reorder lines based on their line numbers so that code can be developed out of sequence and then cleaned into sequence.

While working with a program, it is often easier to work without line numbers. Lexi is a program which allows you to do so, then lists the line numbers back into your program before running it in BR.

Line number tools include the Auto and Renum commands,

Related external editor features are MyEditBR's refoctoring and Notepad++'s column renumbering.