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Login Name$ can refer to the CONFIG parameter or the internal function:


The Login_Name$ BRConfig.sys specification may be substituted during BRConfig.sys statement interpretation. Specify LOGIN_NAME$ (case insensitive) anywhere in a BRConfig.sys statement to have the user's name appear in the statement. For example:


Defines drive G: as the user's home directory.

You can also SET the LOGIN_NAME$ with LOGIN_NAME$("newname").

Internal Function

The Login_Name$ internal function contains the operating system user login name. This can also be set with LOGIN_NAME$("newname").

The priority of the LOGIN_NAME variable setting is:

1) BR startup command parameter (@name)
2) Workstation operating System user login name
3) BRCONFIG.SYS "LOGIN_NAME name" statement

These alternatives support the assignment of login name in all models. This can significantly simplify the tailoring of BRCONFIG.SYS files through use of the @name statement prefix. Instead of having to place a separate BRCONFIG.SYS file on each client system, the client's could specify the login name of the user, and a common BRCONFIG.SYS file could contain the custom statements for all users, beginning the custom statements with @name for each login name. For example:

BR  @myname  run menu

BRCONFIG.SYS includes:

@myname WSID 25

@UserName in the BR startup command may also be used to override the windows environmental variable UserName in the Login_Name$ internal function.