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The Min FontSize config specifies a minimum font size in pixels (height by width) for your GUI console and/or command console.

If a window is shrunk below this limit, scroll bars are displayed.

Syntax in BRConfig.sys:

Min_FontSize <Minimum Height>x<Minimum Width>

For example:

Min_FontSize 20x10

This will make the minimum fontsize available 20 pixels high by 10 pixels wide.

To specify this in a program use :

00010 Execute "Config Min_FontSize 20x10"

If used during the normal operation of a program the effects will not be seen until the session has been resized (including toggling of restore/maximize).

This config is available as of release 4.18.

Resetting the Default

The default for this setting is 0x0, so to turn it off you could

00010 Execute "Config Min_FontSize 0x0"

There is some debate over whether or not the default value should ever be used. Most recommend that a reasonable Min_FontSize is best.