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A BR String may be modified using its subscripts. For example, A$(4:6) uses the substring of A$ beginning with position 4 up to and including position 6; the numbers inside the parentheses could be replaced by any numeric expression. In the following example, line 40 sets element 3 of array Z$ to "XXC":

00010 LET Z$(3) = "ABC"
00020 LET A = 1
00030 LET B = 2
00040 LET Z$(3)(A:B) = "XX"

In the next example, line 40 replaces "BC" with "23" and assigns the value "A23D" to X$:

00030 LET X$ = "ABCD"
00040 LET X$(2:3) = "23"

Note that you the number of characters being replaced does not have to match the number of characters they are being replaced with. Consider the following example:

00010 dim a$*255
00020 let a$ = "beginning end"
00030 let a$(10:10) = " middle " ! here we are replacing one character (a space) with 6 characters (" middle ")
00040 print a$

The result of the example above is

beginning middle end