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The ON ERROR statement has been augmented to support GOSUB in addition to GOTO and SYSTEM. This is a very important feature because it permits multiple nested error processes and ON FKEY GOSUB label-reference. Programmers are no longer limited to the simple RETRY or CONTINUE to return from an interrupt.

A RETURN from such an interrupt will resume where RETRY does unless the error condition occurs at the completion of an Input/Output operation, in which case it performs a CONTINUE.


  • The keyboard buffer is cleared by ON error GOSUB interrupts.
  • By default, BR checks for Fkey interrupts every eight statements. Use the BREAK configuration statement to vary this.
  • If an ON FKEY GOSUB / GOTO statement catches an interrupt during a SLEEP operation the Sleep is immediately terminated. In the case of GOSUB, a RETURN resumes with the clause following the Sleep.