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The Print NewPage statement is useful to clear the GUI Console, the command console or a window. When output to a display file with Print, the NewPage internal function no longer sends a carriage return. It's highly recommended to include a PRINT NEWPAGE statement before different sections of your program to ensure that previous data does not affect the screen display.

Comments and Examples

In the following example, the NEWPAGE keyword clears the screen (line 150) and advances the printer to the top of a page (line 160):

00160 PRINT #255: NEWPAGE

A PRINT #file-num: NEWPAGE statement must be specified to reset the PAGEOFLOW counter to zero, not doing so can result in error 0701.

NEWPAGE can be combined with other items on a PRINT statement when separated by commas or semicolons.

A PRINT NEWPAGE will count for one column on the screen or printer output when combined on a line with other data.


PRINT [#<file number>:] NEWPAGE