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We have added support for the PRINTER RESET statement in BRConfig.sys for the Windows model. The format is:

  PRINTER [ type ] RESET, initialization string

The initialization string will be appended to each report formatted for the specified printer, or all printers if no type is specified.

As an aside, the following combination is supported in both new and old GUI models (3.92+):

  Printer name:  Lexmark Laser 123
  Open:    PRN:/123  -or-  PRN:/MARK


This will apply the HP init string to the referenced printer.

printer HP-WIN  INIT "\\E(s2b3t17H"  ! NWP compressed

Note that when printing directly to an HP compatible printer (not NWP), it is sometimes necessary to specify HP in the INIT statement (see example). This causes BR to output certain key values that some printers require in order to print ordinary text. This pertains to versions 4.0 and later:

printer PRN: init HP

or if you want to have an escape sequence as well

PRINTER PRN: init HP, "\\E(s18v-whatever"
[E] ESC Key (used for generating your own PCL code)
*[RESET] Reset the printer, clearing all other specifications

You will need to send a [RESET] to the printer at the end of the job before you close the printer. Otherwise, you will find that the final page in the print job will stick in the printer, waiting for the user to tell it to finish.