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The Randomize statement resets the random-number generator (used by the RND function) to a new seed value.

Comments and Examples

Obtaining its values from the system clock, RANDOMIZE uses an algorithm to determine a new seed value.

The following sequence of program lines prints ten random integers with values from 1 to 100. Line 1490 rescales the value of RND, which is always between 0 and 1, to a value in the 1 to 100 range. RANDOMIZE ensures that the series of values generated by the RND function will not be duplicated each time the program is run.

01480 FOR I=1 TO 10
01490 PRINT INT(RND*100+1)
01500 NEXT I



Technical Considerations

  1. When RANDOMIZE is not used, the RND function produces the same sequence of numbers each time Business Rules is loaded.