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The Relative Access Method allows you to indicate which record in a file you would like to access according to its numeric position.

The keywords "SEQUENTIAL", "RELATIVE", and "KEYED" are optional parameters for Open Internal and Open External statements, that specify the method of access. The default is SEQUENTIAL access, which means that the file will be read one at a time, in order, from start to finish.

In OPEN Window

"ABSOLUTE" and "RELATIVE" are parameters used in Open Window statements to qualify SROW and SCOL to specify the position of a new independent window. RELATIVE (the default) indicates positioning relative to window zero (the main console), and ABSOLUTE indicates positioning relative to the screen. Using negative values positions an independent window to the left of or above the main console. BR will attempt to honor the request keeping the new window viewable up to the maximum size of the screen. Window zero positioning is always ABSOLUTE. To position a window on a second monitor, specify a starting position to the right of the last position of the first monitor.

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