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The RpnStack config specification changes the size of the RPN stack, which holds the locations of each active variable in the current statement and the locations of statements suspended by a user-defined function call.


Start-up Default

RpnStack 1000 (version 4.3+)


"Integer" is a decimal number representing the number of variables that the RPN stack can hold. It must be greater than 49; the default is 200 variables.

Technical Considerations

  1. RpnStack may be specified only in the BRConfig.sys file; it is not valid with Config.
  2. An error message (error code 9002) appears when an RPN stack is too small for the program in use.
  3. The amount of RPN stack memory available depends on the depth of function calls and complexity of expressions. Normally the RPN stack is cleared at the completion of each statement. However, stacked entries are suspended on the RPN stack when a function call is made.
  4. The Status Stacks command shows the current stack settings.