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The Screen brconfig.sys specification provides brief notation for controlling display attributes of PRINT FIELDS, INPUT FIELDS, and RINPUT FIELDS statements. These are single letter references intended to denote common display characteristics such as Normal, Bold, Highlighted or Reverse. At one point Underline was a supported convention, although it has now come to represent text-entry.

As in the case of screen attributes, certain SCREEN specifications, including Blink (B is now Bold), are no longer functional.


Start-up Default

SCREEN B 80,H 08,I 00,N 07,R 70,S 07,U 01

The second example indicates that the command console defaults to the N specification.


Each of the parameters in the SCREEN syntax is composed of a pair of specifications: a display attribute (B, H, I, N, R, S, or U), and "##" (a two- digit hexadecimal code). A space must always separate the display attribute from the hexadecimal code.

The following table identifies the intended use of each of the display attributes. Note that S may be used to set characteristics of the status line, although the S specification does not apply as an attribute in for PRINT FIELDS, INPUT FIELDS and RINPUT FIELDS.

 B  Blink
H High intensity
I Invisible
N Normal
R Reverse
U Underline
 S  Status line
C Command Console

The "##" portion of each SCREEN parameter originally denoted with a two digit hexadecimal code representing the characteristics to which the display attribute should be assigned. The hexadecimal codes were as follows:

 80  Blink
40 Background red
20 Background green
10 Background blue
08 High intensity
04 Foreground red
02 Foreground green
01 Foreground blue
70 (black on white) is the "normal" default for the Windows model.

Now, however, the two hexadecimal digits should be replaced by ATTRIBUTE names such as:

 B	[bold]
H [hilight]
I [invisible]
N [normal]
R [reverse]
U [text-entry]
S [status-line]
C [cmd_console]

The ATTRIBUTE names must also appear in ATTRIBUTE BRConfig.sys statements.
Note that ATTRIBUTE definitions may specify font in addition to color.

The preferred form of the SCREEN statement is therefore:

SCREEN B [bold], H [hilight], I [invisible], N [normal], R [reverse], U [text-entry], S [status-line], C [cmd_console]

See also Command Console Colors. The SCREEN C xx specification determines the foreground and background colors of the command console.

Screen OpenDflt

The Screen OpenDflt config specification

SCREEN OpenDflt "Srow=nn, Scol=nn, Title= {Application Name}, Buttonrows=nn", N 70 ...other screen statement attributes

Specifies the window parameters for opening the main screen when information is displayed prior to explicitly OPENing window #0.
This is the normal way of specifying attributes of the main BR window. See Open Window for a full description of window attributes that may also be specified here.