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Q. How can I launch an invisible/hidden Business Rules! session?

A. Add a logging config specification to your BRConfig.sys file a line similar to:

 Logging 3 "C:\Program Files\Mills Enterprise\MyEditBR\BRSupport\BRSupport.log" unattended

This is available as of Release 4.18c.

Q. How can I move or resize a Session of Business Rules!?

A. A short AutoIt3 Script, probably utilizing it's WinMove function.

Q. How can I change the logo on the Splash Screen?

A. Just modify the StartUp.bmp picture file.

Q. What is the fastest way to append text to the beginning or end of a string?

A. See Append.

Q. How can I make it so that when I double click on a .br file it will take me straight to edit that file?

A. See Double Click Project.

Q. How can you make BR run on a shared Linux server that lacks the library.

A. Download the library here:

Set the environment variable 'LD_PRELOAD' to the folder containing the library using this command:

export LD_PRELOAD=/home/user/lib/

Br should now run and use the library in the specified folder.

Q. How scan I change the entire Status Bar to display a message?

A. 00010 Execute "Config Status Off My Custom Message"

Note: you may use Msg$ to change just the second box of the status bar.