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Recommended Hardware

At least 300 MHz processor

At least 64 MB RAM

At least 10 MB of available disk space



Mouse or other pointing device

Downloading BR

There are two models according to which BR can be set up: Standalone or Client/Server.

If you are a Linux or Mac user, please, refer to the Client/Server category.

The Standalone version runs only on Windows and will be explained in this section.

In order to download the latest version of the BR executable, go to the ADS FTP site and open the directory named CURRENT.

Inside this CURRENT directory, you will see a directory named something like 420l, 403k, or 430a. Such names denote different version of BR. For example, 403k means BR version 4.03k where 4 is the version major, 03 is the version minor, and k is the revision name.

Once you are in the appropriate directory of the ADS FTP site, you will see directories such as linux, mac, and win.

Open the win directory.

Download the BR executable file with the name that starts with brnative.

For example, if you see a file named brnative420-2011-10-25.exe, its name denotes a stable release of the BR Windows Standalone version 4.20 released on October 25, 2011.

BR Location

The BR executable may be placed in any folder on your hard drive.

BR Serial File

The BRSerial.dat file contains your Business Rules! license information. This file is normally sent to you by Business Rules Corp after purchasing a BR license. In order for BR to run, BRSerial.dat is required in the same directory as your BR executable. You can easily check the license information contained in this file by using CheckSerial.exe.

Running BR

After downloading the BR executable and the BRSerial.dat files, you may start BR by simply double-clicking the BR executable.


See BRconfig.sys for information about the configuration file and specifications.