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The "share-spec" parameter indicates that one of four share parameters should be specified at this point in the syntax. The syntax for this parameter can be inserted into any diagram that calls for the share-spec parameter to control how a file is accessed when shared.





NOSHR indicates that the current workstation has exclusive access to the file. No other OPENs are permitted to the open file until the open file has been closed. NOSHR is the Business Rules default.
SHRI allows' others to use the file for input only. It is possible for others to read but not to change a file opened SHRI.
SHR allows' others to read, write and update an open file. An individual record within internal and external files may be locked during use by specifying SHR, OUTPUT or SHR, OUTIN and reading the record.
SHRU operates the same as SHR; it is maintained for IBM System/23 compatibility.