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Use of the Stacks parameter with the status command instructs Business Rules! to display complete information about how each of Business Rules!’ memory stacks are being used. It is very useful for monitoring an application's memory usage. When this parameter is used, Business Rules!’ displays a screen such as the following:

STACKS: Maximum Used Available 

Flow 50 2 48 

For 20 0 20 

RPN (bytes) 150 24 126 

Work (bytes) 9000 16 8984 

The first column in the STATUS STACKS listing identifies each of the stack areas that Business Rules’ uses. The Flow stack keeps track of GOSUBs and user defined function calls. The For stack tracks FOR/NEXT loop processing. The RPN and work stacks are temporary storage areas, which are reduced for each function call level.

The second column identifies the maximum amount of memory area configured for use by the specified stack. See the FLOWSTACK, FORSTACK, RPNSTACK and WORKSTACK specifications in BRConfig.sys for information on how to change the maximum configured area for a particular stack.

The third column identifies the amount of memory area currently being used by the specified stack.

The fourth column identifies the amount of memory area still available for use by the specified stack.