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The StatusLine Config specification allows the status line to be turned off on 25-line terminals. An optional message to replace the status line may also be specified. STATUSLINE has no effect on 24-line terminals.

1.) When a program is changed, Business Rules! will display the program name in reverse video. When the program is saved or replaced, the attribute is changed back to normal. This should help programmers keep track of whether or not they need to save or replace their programs. The INSERT message will appear on the status line when Business Rules! is in insert mode, even if the status line is off.

HOLD mode is activated by the Ctrl-T keystroke and, where permitted by the terminal protocol, by Ctrl-S.

2.) The BRConfig.sys STATUSLINE spec supports the ROWCOL parameter to specify whether or not the current row and column of the cursor is displayed on the right side of the status line. If ROWCOL is on, the information will be displayed in row:column format. If ROWCOL is off, the Business Rules! release number will be displayed in the same area. The format of the specification is as follows:


The default for STATUSLINE ROWCOL is OFF.

Comments and Examples

The use of STATUSLINE OFF makes a 25-line terminal operate essentially the same as a 24-line terminal: the status line is blank until an error occurs, at which time Business Rules! automatically enters HOLD mode and displays the status line with the error code. (The user must then leave HOLD mode to resume program execution.) The main difference between using a 24-line terminal and using a 25-line terminal with STATUSLINE OFF is that STATUSLINE OFF allows an optional message to be specified for the 25th line; also, STATUSLINE OFF continues to respect SCREEN S specifications that alter the attribute in the 25th line.


Diagram Default

Leave status line blank.

Start-up Default



The "ON" parameter (functional only when specified with the CONFIG command) overrides previous STATUSLINE OFF specifications and turns the status line back on.

The "OFF" parameter turns the status line off. It may be followed by the "string-constant" parameter, which represents a message that is to be displayed in the status line. Quotation marks are not required in the string constant; they will be passed as part of the message to the status line if included. The special characters' E0-EF and ESC xx may be used in the string constant to change the attribute for the message.

Technical Considerations

STATUSLINE may be specified with the CONFIG command.

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