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Sublime is a text editor that can be dowloaded here.

How to Install Lexi tools in Sublime

1. Create a Build System in Sublime for Lexi's Compiler by opening Tools>Build Systems>New Build System:

2. Save this JSON file as CompileBR.sublime-build within the folder Packages/User/Lexiplugin

    "cmd": ["ConvStoO.cmd", "$file_name", "$file_base_name", "$file", "$file_path"],
    "selector": ".brs",
    "working_dir": "C:\\Lexi\\"

3. Restart Sublime, open a .BRS file, and select the compiler from Tools>Build Systems>CompileBR. Sublime will remember which you selected and hit Ctrl-B to run it.

4. Repeat this for each of the Lexi tools. Simply replace the ConvStoO.cmd above with each and save as .sublime-build files:

  • StripLN.cmd (strip line numbers)
  • AddLN.cmd (add line numbers)
  • RunBR.cmd (run BR program-this one is a work in progress)

NOTE: Sublime is a little slow to re-load the file, so it may take a few seconds until you see your line numbers disappear or reappear.

More information on Sublime Text can be found at this site.