Sunken Appearance

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Normal Windows behavior is to grey out any data entry fields that are inactive. Consequently, that is how labels appear when they are sunken. This defeats the ability to use a sunken approach to highlight screen headings. For example if you specify SCREEN U 0173 and then specify U as a leading attribute in a PRINT FIELDS specification, the field will be displayed sunken but grey.

You can now override the normal Windows behavior with regard to greying out sunken labels by specifying S as a leading attribute. The S (sunken - formerly shaded) field attribute calls for a white sunken field, irrespective of whether the field is available for keyboard entry.

The name of this example is: SUNKEN.BR

00200 PRINT FIELDS "1,1,C 11,U": "Sunken grey"
00300 PRINT FIELDS "1,12,C 12,S": "Sunken white"