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SysErr provide the Operating System Error number when and error 4320 occurrs. When this message is displayed, an error code also appears in the error field of the status line.

The error code portion of the status line (column 38- 41) contains a number, which identifies the error code of the most recent error. When an error occurs and the error code number first appears it is displayed in reverse text. As soon as Enter or an arrow key has been pressed, however, the display changes to normal text.

The error code number will not disappear, even after an error has been corrected and Business Rules has left ERROR mode, until it is replaced with the number of the next error that occurs. If you must clear the status line of the error code number, you can use the CLEAR command (but this will clear other contents of memory, including the current program, as well).

When an error occurs, SYSERR will return the number of the error, and a description of the error may be obtained using SYSERR$.