Tutorial 2

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Having completed the first BR tutorial, you may feel that there's still a gap between what you know now and working on advanced programs. This tutorial will help bridge that gap by adding to the tools you already have.

Table of Contents

1. Basic graphical window operations

2. Index and Sort facilities

3. Internal Functions

4. Libraries

5. Advanced Array Processing

6. BRConfig.sys

7. Environmental Variables

8. Printing

9. Multi-User Considerations

10. Connecting to Browsers Online

11. Using Lexi and MyEditBR

Solutions to Examples

After completing this tutorial, where can you go from here? For continued learning, the BR wiki and forums are two great resources. There is also an annual Business Rules Group conference where other BR users present new ideas and information and network with each other. For assistance or feedback on this tutorial, feel free to contact the author via brulestutorial at gmail.com.