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The TypeAhead BRConfig.sys specification turns keyboard buffering on or off.


The default is TypeAhead ON (ON is not required); this causes keystrokes to be buffered. TypeAhead OFF will clear the keyboard buffer before input. This is desirable for beginning operators who may stack up several return keys waiting for a function to complete. BRC recommends that even when TYPEAHEAD ON is used, menu programs should clear the keyboard buffer before input with a statement such as the following at the beginning of the program:

00100 IF KSTAT$<>"" THEN GOTO 100 ! clear keyboard buffer

TYPEAHEAD can also be set using the CONFIG command, or from within a program using the Execute statement.


Diagram Default


Start-up Default

TypeAhead ON


The "ON" parameter turns keyboard buffering on, and the "OFF" parameter causes the keyboard buffer to be cleared before input.