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The V format specification identifies string data. It is a highly versatile specification in that it can be used with both types of FORM statements (for internal/external files and for display files), and it can be used with the full screen processing statements.

Input characteristics

For string input, V removes all trailing spaces when reading in a value.

Output characteristics

When V is used for output, leading spaces are retained but blanks are padded on the right, as in the following example:

00010 PRINT USING 20: " ABC","DEF"
00020 FORM C 8,C 3

NOTE that the leading space in " ABC# " is retained:

Technical Considerations
1.) When used for string output, the V, C and G specifications behave identically. On string input, C differs from V and G in that it retains all trailing spaces.
2.) See the VL and VU format specifications for information on variations of V.