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See also Verify (disambiguation).

The Verify command checks to see that the system correctly recorded a disk's data.

Comments and Examples

VERIFY is an option for DOS systems only. This model is still supported for use with handheld terminals.

Using VERIFY ON is strongly recommended, as it enables you to discover write errors immediately rather than discovering them when you attempt to read the file.

For a display of the current status of VERIFY, type VERIFY and press <ENTER>.

When the VERIFY ON command is active, the operating system performs a verification operation after every disk write operation. As this process involves a read after every write, write operations run slightly slower when VERIFY ON is in effect.

Once issued, VERIFY ON remains in effect until you enter a VERIFY OFF command.

The following example sets VERIFY to ON:





Report current VERIFY status.


You may specify either ON or OFF with the VERIFY command. ON instructs DOS-based operating systems to check all write operations; OFF instructs them to not check write operations.